Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to obtain cheap car insurance using discounts

We all would love to have important things for cheap, right? Especially when it comes to things, which are somewhat annoying in their mandatory nature. Regardless of how important auto insurance is regarded to be, the majority of car owners still find it to be just a loss of their money since they rarely benefit from it. Sure, the useful nature of this product is undisputed, but it still doesn't change the way millions of drivers see it when it comes to paying the premium. So, if someone told you that there's a way to get cheap car insurance, you would definitely want to learn it. And that's exactly what we going to do right now by learning the power of discounts.

Discounts are common and quite diverse, despite the common belief that they are scarce and hard to obtain. Nearly all insurance providers have discounts that apply to different groups of car owners, although they rarely advertise them. Discounts are usually applied as a tool to keep loyal customers and encourage certain groups of drivers to keep using the services of the same company for a longer period of time. And you can actually save significant amounts of money if you happen to comply with specific requirements for discounts. Here are some of the most common discount types you will surely find at most insurance providers:

Multiple car

Having several cars in the household can be very convenient but also rather costly in terms of insurance. Still, if you want to get cheap car insurance, this may be your chance to get it, since the majority of insurers provide attractive discounts to customers insuring more than two cars. It's always cheaper to cover all your cars with the same policy instead of buying separate policies for each car.

Multiple policy

There are many companies that offer different types of insurance services. And usually buying different products from the same provider results in nice discounts. Cheap car insurance can be obtained from the insurer that provides your health, homeowners or life insurance policies. Just make sure to check if they provide relevant car insurance as well.

Low mileage

Driving less will cost you less in terms of insurance. Statistically, the more you drive the higher is the risk of an insurance claim. That's why most insurance companies offer nice incentives to drivers who don't exceed a specific yearly mileage (usually 10,000 miles).

Special group

Certain demographic groups can also benefit from good discounts. Such groups include senior citizens, workers of the military, governmental agencies, good high school or college students and some others. Make sure to check with your provider to see if you're eligible for any of these.
Don't be afraid to ask around for more information with your insurance provider. Information is the key to getting cheap car insurance. And you certainly want to get it, right?

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